Cross Peerless 125 Obsidian Black Lacquer Fountain Pen
Cross Peerless 125 Obsidian Black Lacquer Fountain Pen Side View
shown with clip engraving.
shown with cap engraving.
Cross Luxury Gift Box

Cross Peerless 125 Fountain Pen - Obsidian Black Lacquer

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The Peerless 125 fountain pen in obsidian black is a pen for the sophisticated professional. It's for the person who knows that a writing instrument like this offers more than ink. It carries prestige and tradition. The Peerless 125 hearkens back to the original 1889 Peerless but looks forward with its modern look, inspired by the Cross Classic Century. A thicker sized barrel and weighty dignity give this pen an unparalleled sense of presence. The 18 kt nib will deliver bold, clear lines; it will flex and adjust to your unique touch. The Obsidian black finish wraps the pen in a dark, gleaming shine. To top it all off, a Swarovski crystal is laid into the bezel. With a custom engraving, this pen will stand head and shoulders above all others.

Product Features:

  • Twist-cap wide nib fountain pen with high gloss black lacquer finish, platinum-plated appointments, Swarovski crystal in the cap, and 18 kt gold tip
  • Luxury Cross gift box with black ink
  • Personalize with engraving cut and silver filled permanently
  • AT Cross Brand lifetime warranty
  • Distinguished gift for fathers, CEOs, retirement, and commemorative events

Technical Specifications:

  • Cross Peerless AT0706-1MY
  • Barrel Width: 1.3 cm
  • Pen Weight: 1.8 oz