Engraving Information

What is the minimum order requirement?

  • All of our products have a minimum order requirement of 1 for standard text or personal name engraving. The only exception to this our Promotional Pen Lines, which ship in bulk.
  • Logo Engraving and Clip Emblem decorations have different minimums set at 12 pieces and 24 pieces, respectively. 

Can I have a company logo engraved?

  • Yes! You can learn more about our logo engraving or clip emblem decoration styles by following the links..

How are the pens engraved? What is laser engraving?

  • The vast majority of our pens are engraved using a fiber optic or CO2 Laser Engraving Machine. They offer precise and permanent engraving that will never fade or wear off the pen. Unlike imprinting or pad printing, engraving will last forever.
  • Some of our Cross pens offer deep cut color filled engraving. This process is similar to using a small mechanical router to cut into the pen finish. As a final step, we put the color of your choice in the grooves, polish it up, and ship it to you.

What does the Free Engraving Include?

  • Free or standard engraving includes 1 line engraved on cap of the pen, up to 25 characters per line in one of our standard fonts.

How long does the engraving production take?

  • Standard engraving production time is 4-5 business days. Please note that production time does not include shipping transit time. You can learn more about the differences in production and shipping time estimates by following the links.
  • If you need a pen quickly, please shop from our Rush Page. These pens have a 1 day engraving time option available and will ship out within 1 business day by the shipping method of your choosing.

Where is the engraving on the pen?

  • The standard engraving location for our pens is on the broad side of the cap, visible when help by a right handed person.

  • By request, we can engrave for a left handed person as depicted above.

Can I order multiple pens each with different names?

  • Yes, on every product page, you will have the option to select "List of Names" as the engraving option. This will allow you to upload the list of names with your order. Then, simply change the quantity to match and complete your purchase. We will contact you if we have any questions prior to engraving your order.
  • If you would like a Corporate Logo and personalization in your order, the best way to go about this is to contact us for a custom invoice.

What font styles can I choose from?

  • Information about the text fonts we use for engraving is here: Engraving Fonts. 

What if I need engraving in a second location?

  • We do offer a second line or second location on some pens; however, it is dependent on the surface of the pen. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.
  • If the product accommodates two sided engraving, the second location for $3.99 per line. On most pens the second location will be the back side of the cap.
  • If you need this, please email us.

What will the engraving look like?


  • In general on bare metals, like the silver, chrome, and gold finishes the laser engraving will appear a brass or light gold tone-on-tone. This style is more subtle.
  • The engraving decoration appears in the color that results from the laser interacting with the metal and this can vary slightly from pen to pen. Our product images are the closest representation of the final product.
  • On a coated metal pen, like a Black barrel, the engraving color will be described on the product page.
  • On pens that are deep cut engraved, we will use color fill in the engraving so it will match your requested color.
  • Learn: Why engraving shows up different colors on pens

Can you engrave a signature on a pen barrel?

  • Yes, signatures on a pen are available. 

Engraving Terms Defined:

  • Laser engraving: Laser engraving is done by a precision fiber optic or CO2 laser light which cuts the engraving into or onto the product. It never wears off or fades.
  • Deep cut engraving with color fill: Available on some of the Cross Brand Pens, this option is when the mechanical engraver acts as a router to cut into the product. Afterwards, the engraved cut is hand filled with color for a very classy finish. The pen is then polished for completion. The fill color is determined by you when you place the order but typically the best finish matches the engraving color to the pen's trim. Fill colors can be requested.

Do you offer proofs or mockups?

  • We offer free proofs or mockups for business orders larger than $1,000 that have a logo involved. Please email us for your free proof. 2 additional revisions are also included.
  • Additional proofs can be supplied at a cost of $25/each.
  • We do not offer proofs for single "text only" orders. 

If you don't offer proofs for single text orders, how will I know if it is correct?

For text engraving orders, we simple copy and paste your text exactly as you enter it on the web site, we always center it, and we use the best size and fit when choosing the font size depending on the pen you order. So if what you enter is correct, then the spelling will be correct. See terms of sale for more information on engraving.